April 2024 Meeting

Hello Gang!
Our April meeting will be held on Saturday April 20th, at the Fall City Firehouse at 9am, those wanting breakfast will meet at the Raging River Cafe at 8am.
This month we will be tying The Green Highlander, there are two main patterns for this fly, Kelson and Pryce-Tannett. You can tie either one and the Kelson version is easier for sure, but I have posted Pryce-Tannett’s recipe. Also you can see I have two pictures within the recipe card. I usually tie a varient of sorts as I like some of the touches each pattern gives. P.E.T’s version uses silk floss for the body in the recipe, but I usually use Green seal. Also P.E.T uses silver tinsel (flat) for the tip/tag, I like oval and yellow floss. Tippets in strands are used in P.E.T’s pattern, while Kelson uses 2 tippets, I also use whole tippets and trim them down. You can get very creative with the wing, as seen in the picture, or go straight forward as in the second picture, your choice. The fly has ALL the accoutrements you could ask for, Woodduck and Teal, Jungle Cock, and Indian Crow, Mallard Roof, Horns and a Topping!! Don’t forget next month we tackle the King, the Jock Scott, so I’m gearing you up!
Hook size can vary, but I’ll probably tie 3/0 LS, Harrison or something like that. Not too big. Byron has all your hook needs, so hit him up!
I will have the things to look out for written on the white board, as usual before we dive in, if you want that sort of thing?
Coffee will be on, cold beverages in the cooler and lunch provided for the group.
A shout out to our friend Ben, who was in a car accident and hoping he is doing well and is on the road to recovery?? Also a special thank you to our International Ambassador Linda, who every month provides us with the recipe card attached to our email, Thank you Linda!
That’s it, see you all soon,

Green Highlander

January 2024 Meeting

Thought I would send this out so you are aware of our January meeting for the 20th, at the Fall City Firehouse at 9am. Those wishing to have breakfast will meet at the Raging River Cafe at 8am.
I hope everyone enjoyed Piero’s visit and the techniques he demonstrated for us. I found a few nuggets, although I will not be tying in hand anytime soon. I found the group enthusiastically watching, asking questions and being involved throughout the sessions. With that, I want to build on some of what Piero did for our next meeting. I want to have a “Techniques” meeting, focusing on Mixed Wings, Stacked Wings and tippets in strands. 
Please take some time and review the Cork Collection, here you can see simple patterns utilizing mixed wings, which I will focus on for our patterns. There are a few simplistic patterns, namely The Grey & Crottle (J.O.Harold),Dark & Bright Claret (J.O. Harold), The Butcher. I have attached a few pictures of practice flies I’ve tied with no real pattern followed, just so you get the idea of what we will try to do. We will attempt the winging techniques of Hale, Kelson and Blacker, except we will not mix left and rights as Piero did for the wing. One thing I also have used are clear plastic materials clip when stacking wing materials to keep them in order, also a picture of that above as well. (*Amazon for about $20.00) You can use some of your not so great materials for these wings, goose, turkey (with stress marks), Mottled turkey, etc… so bring Dark turkey, GPTail, Peacock Wing, yellow, red, blue, lt. blue, green (goose or turkey), Bronze mallard, Woodduck, Pintail, Tippets (big ones), some seal furs, Grey, Claret, & Blue. I would use hooks from 1/0, 2/0, or 3/0 nothing too big. Will be fun!
We will also be finalizing our Roster for our February meeting. Albany is coming in March, and The York’s have stepped up again, and will host the yearly extravaganza at their home. Directions and other info will follow soon. Aaron also mentioned the Flyfishing / tying show in February held in Bellevue’s Maydenbaur center, a few of us will be tying there as well, it will be held Feb 17-18 I believe. So our Feb meeting date will be moved up to the 10th.
If you have any questions just send me an email. But take the time to look at the Cork Collection and get motivated!
Lunch will be served, cold beverages, and the coffee will be on! Until then, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

November 2023 Meeting

Hello everyone!
Just wanted to get this out to all of you so you can practice before the meeting! Our November meeting will be held on Saturday November 18th, at the Fall City  Firehouse at 9am.
Those wanting breakfast will meet at the Raging River Cafe at 8am.
Our yearly Dues are due ($40) and to facilitate things you may pay using PayPal  through Megan. Her email is: brocco.megan@gmail.com  
You may also pay for shirts with her as well, hopefully this will speed things up for members so we can get our 2024 Roster available to everyone.
Shirts are ready to be picked up for those who have not done so. Any other embroidery items you may want done can be given to me and I will take care of it with our business, see me with any questions.
Last call for Shellac, anyone wanting a bottle please let me know before the meeting, I will have them for you. No charge.
Our December Meeting with Piero is all set up and ready to go. Linda has worked very hard to bring this quality tier to the Guild. I need to have anyone who plans on going to the pre get together on Friday evening at The Bachand’s home to PLEASE contact Linda to confirm that you will attend. Linda has also set up reservations for dinner after the Saturday session with Piero, and also needs to have a final headcount. Please let Linda know on this too.
Piero and Byron will have “Fly Kits’ available to members for a nominal fee, so you can try some in hand tying. Kits are $20.00 If you are interested let Linda know this as well. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Guild to bring you a great weekend, thank you Linda!!
If you need a new name tag please let Nick Riggs or myself know, Nick has been working on our new look!
Ok, on to this months Fly, Moray Doone.
I have stripped, cleaned and dyed the Quills required to tie this pattern, (will have them for you) thanks to Steve for providing all the quills for this, much appreciated Steve!
It also calls for pink floss, I will have that as well. You will need a small yellowish fuzzy hackle (wolly bugger marabou) or as it calls for Hen Pheasant thigh hackle, dyed yellow. I also think a yellow saddle hackle could work, just keep the fuzzy fibers at the butt intact. A Widgeon hackle for a throat, Jungle cock, and a slim wing. I will also show how to accomplish a Herl head too!! 
Call or text me if you have questions, should be fun!
Lunch will be provided, coffee will be on, and beverage’s will be in the cooler!
Keep- those bobbin’s turning!

October 2023 Meeting

Hello everyone! Getting fired up for our October meeting this Saturday the 14th at the Fall City Firehouse at 9am. Hoping for a big turnout and sharing some useful tid-bits of information to help your tying. I was asked to resend the Pattern of the month, so here it is.
Remember, Dues are due. You can send it to Megan online, or pay Steve or I, this way we can get our roster updated for everyone.
Anyone who did not get a bottle of Shellac at the last meeting, please let me know so I can make them up for you, I’ll bring them with me.
We should have our meeting set up for our out of state members viewing online.
Looking forward to seeing you all there, coffee will be ready for ya’!

April 2023 Meeting

Just wanted to reach out and give you the Monthly meeting info again, we will be tying Kelson’s The Bachelor. I chose this fly to allow us enough time to finish a fly in our allotted time. We will meet on Saturday April 15th at the Fall City Firehouse at 9am. Those wanting breakfast will meet at the Raging River cafe at 8am. 
I also wanted to thank all those who attended the Albany Expo, we had a really good showing for our little guild! The dinner at Todd’s was a huge success as our resident chef Steve Morton cooked up a beautiful Paella, it was delicious! We decided to take up a donation for Steve and our group alone raised $550.00 plus some awesome Steelhead flies for him. Thank you all, we had 22 members attend! Such a good showing!
This meeting I would like to extend our meetings so those who travel will get the full benefit of our meeting. With that being said, we will be taking a lunch break with the guild picking up pizza for the group. I will bring a cooler with beverages for us. I think leaving the firehouse at noon is cutting us short on allowing time for help, discussions and completing a fly, or at least getting close to completing one. Let’s see how we do this month and decide if it works or not. I will be available to help anyone requiring a little assistance, or help with the fly.
I stopped by the Embroider today and the shirts are in, the artwork selected, along with proper spelling of names, sizes and color of shirt. I don’t know if they will be done by Saturday or not…we’ll see. But, the ball is rolling at last!  
Finally, the infamous “Guild” Hat has been found, and brought to Todd’s house for its newest member to be announced. We proudly presented the Feathered Fedora, beautifully adorned with plumes, beaks and other plumage to one of our old members Hunter Bachand! This man deserves the bounty of the Bird, he constantly teaches new members, keeps beautiful notes and shares those things  with anyone who needs them. Congratulations Hunter, we’re proud of you!
That should do it for now. See you all the 15th!


Albany 2023 Expo Photos

Here are some photos from the 2023  Albany Expo:


February 2023 Meeting

Hello Everyone, our February Guild meeting will be held on Saturday Feb 18th at the Fall City fire House, at 9am. Breakfast will be over at the Raging River Cafe at 8am for those having breakfast. I would like to thank all involved with putting on the Tying weekend last month, much appreciated. This month we will tackle the Butcher (Jewhurst) as seen in Kelson. Techniques this month will touch on multiple tail veilings, Seal fur body, multiple ribbings, body hackling and 2 throats. Along with the winging and finishing touches. So have your materials ready to go!! We will visit new club Shirts, name-tags for those needing them.  Hopefully Hunter can share some information about our next guest speaker, and Rocky and Linda also have some ideas for future guests as well. If you have an interest in anything from the Library please contact Dareld to secure your book order, remember the 2 week advance notice please. If you are having difficulties with any tying technique or problems please, let me know so we can tackle those things at future meetings, don’t  be shy! Look forward to seeing you all there, on the 18th.
Special thanks to Linda for providing the sweet Fly layout with the recipe for all of us! Thank you.
Buther, Kelson

Buther, Kelson

January 2023 Meeting

Sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday. I hope all who participated had a good time. Our January meeting will be the weekend of the 14th and 15th. As mentioned before Glenn Wilson will be demonstrating for everyone. He will tie the Black Doctor on Saturday. Sunday he will show how he does certain parts of a fly as requested by you. So think about parts you would like to see and on Saturday that can be discussed amongst members with Glenn. Both days will start at 9:00am at the Fall City fire hall with breakfast at 8:00am at the Raging River cafe for those interested. There will be a teams link sent out for those who would like to watch but can’t be there in person. Also Todd Yorke is willing to put on the chili feed at his house Friday night March 10th. So for those that will be at the Albany show think about it and let me know by the end of next month so he can have an idea of how many will be there. The reason for Friday instead of Saturday is some members like myself may be planning to head home Saturday after the show. Please let me know if Friday is a problem and we can adjust if it affects to many. For those who wanted Cellire, Steve is working on it. I will let you know once I hear. Looking ahead the February meeting will be the 18th and the March meeting the 25th. Have a merry Christmas and Happy new year.

Happy New Year everyone! Wanted to take a few minutes to bring everyone up to speed as to where we are at the present time. Due to some issues Dareld has stepped down as President, and I have been asked to take it on. If there are no problems with that, then I’m your Huckleberry. Other Guild administrators are as follows: Steve Brocco, Treasurer, meeting room arraigned, book purchases, guest tier costs. Linda Bachand and Rocky Hammond will serve as our International and Domestic Ambassadors they will secure guest visitor/Tyers to the group. Hunter Bachand will serve as our Fly Archivist. Public Relation and Hosts will be Kristen Macy and Britt Davenport, they will order shirts, name tags, business cards and related materials for the group. IT will be done by Mark Spaur, setting up equipment for virtual presentations at the meetings. Internet Website will be done by Garren Wood, maintaining our website and Facebook page. Library will be Dareld Thompson, unless he doesn’t have the time. Provides books, and other Guild related materials from our Library. You must order these two weeks in advance to the meeting so they can be brought to the meeting.
We can discuss this at our upcoming meeting this January 14-15th.
January Meeting is a two day tying weekend, both Saturday and Sunday at the Firehouse. Saturday I will be demonstrating Pryce-Tannatt’s Black Doctor. This pattern has most of the steps required in a full dress fly. As usual I will talk my way through the fly as it’s tied. Questions are welcomed, please don’t hesitate to ask!
Sunday, if we have enough members to make it worthwhile, I will be addressing things that members have requested, so far that would be: sides, mallard roof techniques, splitting Jay hackles and selecting, preparing and tying in Tails (Golden Pheasant). If you have a request PLEASE get a hold of me so I can add those things. I have to prepare hooks up to the requested items. 
Well, that’s it for now, sorry it was long winded, but I felt you all needed to know what’s going on. By the way, it’s YOUR Guild!

December 2022 Meeting

Great November meeting. Always fun to sit around afterwards and talk about tying and whatever else comes up. Our next meeting will be December 17th at the Fall City fire hall at 9:00am. Breakfast at 8:00am at the Raging River cafe in Fall City as well. The pattern will be the Queen of Autumn by Kelson. Also Glenn Wilson has agreed to demonstrate for us at our January meeting. This could be a Saturday and Sunday event if there is enough interest. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. See you in a few weeks.

Queen of Autumn

Queen of Autumn

Queen of Autumn

Queen of Autumn

November 2022 Meeting

Our next meeting will be November 19th at the Fall City fire hall at 9:00am. Breakfast at 8:00am at the Raging River cafe in Fall City as well. The fly will be the Brora as tied by Megan Boyd. Her style of tying flies has had a huge impression on me and many others for sure for good reason. I think she is one of the most celebrated tiers of all time and well deserved. Moving on, club dues is due and I want to get a current roster so please send it to Megan Brocco thru PayPal or send a check to Steve Brocco at the addresses below. Thank you both for your help with this! Please email me once you have sent your payment so I can work to get an accurate roster of active members by December 1st. This is a lot of work for a person with a full time job and and family stuff so please only email me once you commit. Also in work is the chance of getting a guest tier for after the new year. See you in a few weeks.