November Meeting

Thanks for the great turnout last Saturday !!!
Well, our next meeting will be November 21st at the King Library Administration Bldg. in Issaquah starting at 9:00am. Breakfast at the Issaquah Cafe at 8:00 if you want to indulge.
The Fly:  Orange Parson
Hook: 2/0 to 5/0
Tag:  Silver thread and lilac floss
Tail:  A topping and tippet in strands
Body:  Orange, silk,orange, scarlet, and fiery brown seal’s fur in equal sections
Hackle:  A lemon Hackle
Throat: Cock of the rock (orange hackle)
Wings: A pair of GP tippets  veiled with cock of the rock (or an orange feather as in photo), 2 or 3 toppings
Sides:  Barred wood duck
Cheeks: blue chatterer
Horns:  Blue and yellow macaw
Orange Parson by Marcelo Malventano
Other NEWS:
Please pay your dues of $40.00 USD made out to NWASFG at the meeting and give to Steve Brocco  or mail to:
Steve Brocco
36515 SE 56th
Fall City WA 98024
United States of America

October Meeting

Hi Tyers,

Our First meeting will be at The Issaquah Library Administration Bldg. on Saturday October 10th starting at 9:00am. breakfast at the Issaquah Cafe at 8:00.

The FLY: Golden Drop (Kelson)
Golden Drop
Hook: Bartleet 1/0
Tag:  Gold twist and cream silk
Tail:  A topping and Jungle cock
Butt:  Black Herl
Body:  In two sections; No. 1, gold tinsel and silver ribs, butted with toucan and black herl; No. 2, black silk and gold rib
Hackle:  Orange, from center.
Throat:  Jay
Wings:  Light mottled turkey, golden pheasant tail,, turkey or swan dyed orange, light green, and scarlet; gallina, mallard, and a topping.
Sides:  Jungle cock
Horns:  Blue macaw
Other NEWS:
Please pay your dues of $40.00 USD made out to NWASFG at the meeting and give to Steve Brocco  or mail to:
Steve Brocco
36515 SE 56th
Fall City WA 98024
United States of America
The Hoebie Swap Box will return with Nick Ricks in charge. I’ll bring the box the first meeting. The idea is to cull out odds and ends of your material and put in box for the other tyers that possibly could use.
Also, If you have any nice stuff worthy for the ASFI Expo next June…Please bring to the meeting and give to Jesse, Dareld, or Nick… Please put in nice plastic bag for protection… Megan will be bringing a description form to fill out and place in bag with item. We have already received some VERY nice donations and would like more. Good opportunity to clean up your fly tying abode !
We will also have a sign up list for those who want to help and participate in the event. We have 62 tyer/hookmakers signed up and this is YOUR opportunity to reach out and learn from the best !! If you cannot make it to the meeting and want to participate please email me.
For those interested we are having an ASFI committee meeting on October 3rd , 11:00 am at my house !!!
I am looking forward to seeing you again and tying during the dark hours of winter……and no electricity !!!
Smooth as silk,

May Meeting

Our next meeting will be at The Issaquah Library Administration Bldg. on Saturday May 16th starting at 9:00am. breakfast at the Issaquah Cafe at 8:00.

On Sunday we will be meeting at the Fall City Firehall staring at 9:00 am and breakfast at The Roadhouse in fall city at 8:00am

Paul Rossman will be our guest tyer for this meeting. Bring a lot of questions as to materials and hooks. Should be a very informative meeting.
Other odds and ends…
Ellensburg Fly Fishing Fair May 1st and 2nd at the Ellensburg fairgrounds
IFFF 50th Anniversary meeting….August 13th, 14th, 15th….in Bend Oregon…….Fly Fishing Fair
Great thanks to Mr Ted and Brad Niemeyer for providing such exquisite materials to our club. Such a gracious gesture !!
We will have a meeting Saturday, June 13th….with more materials
At the May meeting we will decide on when we should have a dyeing party… get your materials together and be prepared.
If you would like to be on the ASFI II 2016 committee…please e-mail me.
I want to thank all of you who attended the last meeting….too many to count….Vibrant and active….I’m proud of all of you and honored to be a part of this group (family of tyers)… To get an email/photo of a beautful Stevenson from a tyer who went home after the meeting and promptly retied it because HE wasn’t satisfied …..tells me a lot about the character of individuals we have in this group. My hat goes off to you !!!
Smooth as Silk.
Dr Rock

March 2015 Meeting

Our next meeting will be at The Issaquah Library Administration Bldg. on Saturday March 7th starting at 9:00am. breakfast at the Issaquah Cafe at 8:00

We will have a SPECIALl surprise guest at this meeting. I know we are getting busy for Albany but I HIGHLY recommend you to attend. Also, there will be many high quality materials for sale at this meeting that will be a compliment to your material armamentarium…so bring your tax refund check.LOL
Also, don’t forget about the Albany show the following weekend and chili feed at Todd Yorke’s house on Saturday in Salem.

The Fly: Delfur Fancy

Pattern Description from Glenn:
If you like the history stuff here it is too. It’s a Farlow pattern, 1920, for the Delfur Beat on the River Spey. Cool I thought!

Silver oval- yellow floss
Topping- Indian Crow
Black herl
1/3 yellow wool, 2/3 Black wool
Grey Heron (longish) from 3rd rib
Lg Flat Silver tinsel, Fine Gold oval wound between turns, Fine Silver oval counter wound to protect hackle stem
Throat- Fiery Brown hackle or Golden Pheasant flank feather
Underwing- Tippets
Yellow, red, white, red Turkey
Sides are double Jungle Cock.
Here is yet another Variant;
Flat silver tinsel
The Tail, butt, body, hackles, are all the same(as above)
UW) Tippets with a long Jungle Cock over them (extended Jungle)
W) yellow, red, Bustard, Amhurst
Jungle Cock sides

Delfur Fancy

Delfur Fancy

February 2015 Meeting

Our next meeting will be the Issaquah Library Administration Bldg at 9:00am on February 7th.
We will be tying the Blacker Ghost Fly and we will vote on the one to be the Showcase fly for the ASFI 2016 (hopefully). Hoebie Iredale will be charge of the voting and will deem the appropriate time to vote at the meeting . If you cannot make it and would like to submit a fly…please contact Hoebie…  and mail it to him before February 7th. Tie a good one !!!!
Steve Brocco will leading the meeting on the 7th and be sure to find somebody to ride share or room with in Albany the weekend of March  13th thru 14th. The Chili feed will be at Todd Yorke’s house Satuday March 14th around 6:30pm . BYOB .
His Address:
590 Ben Vista
Salem OR 97302
United States of America
Smooth as silk,

January Meeting Info

Friday January 16th
Hookmaking at my house starting around 9:30. Byron will be in charge of showing Ryan our techniques and he showing his hookmaking techniques. Please feel free to come and make a hook.
My address : 35611 SE David Powell Rd, Fall City, WA 98024
Dinner will be at 6:30 at the Fall City Bistro.   LINK: Fall City Bistro
Saturday January 17th
8:00am   Breakfast at the Issaquah Cafe  LINK:  Issaquah Cafe | Breakfast and Lunch in Issaquah Washington
9:00am to 5pm – Meeting at the King County library Administration Bldg.  LINK:  Bing Maps
      Flies that possibly will be entertained:
      Mixed Wing – Bonne Bouche
      Blue Palmer
      Question period if time allows
6:30pm    Dinner at the Steelhead Diner  LINK: Steelhead Diner | Pike Place Market | Seattle, WA
Sunday January 18th
8:00am  Breakfast at The Fall City roadhouse Roadhouse in Fall City  LINK:   Fall City Roadhouse & Inn
9:00am  Meeting At The Fall City Firehall  LINK:  Home
      Flies that possibly will be entertained:
      Thunder and Lightening
       Ryan’s specialty fishing flies for Ireland….possibly grubs or tubes
6:30pm  Dinner at Monsoon (Bellevue0    LINK: Monsoon East – Bellevue, WA | Yelp

November 15, 2014 Meeting Information

November 15, 2014 Meeting Information

Where: Issaquah Library Administration Bldg.
When: Breakfast at the Issaquah Cafe at 8:00

The Fly: Green Doctor ( I have no photo but one of the Yellow doctor!)
TAG:  Fine oval tinsel and yellow floss
TAIL:  Topping and indian crow
BUTT:  Red wool
BODY:  Yellow floss
HACKLE:  grass green from second rib
RIB:  Oval silver
THROAT:  Gallina
WINGS:  tippet in strands. Bustard,golden pheasant tail, yellow,red,green,light blue swan (turkey), Bronze mallard, GP Topping
SIDES:  Jungle cock
HORNS:  Blue and yellow macaw
HEAD:  Red wool
Photo is of YELLLOW DOCTOR to give you an idea
Yellow Dr
Membership dues , $40, should be made out to NWASFG and given to Steve Brocco.
HOBIE, yes you, will be in charge of material grab box. Please cull out old materials that possibly others can use in and donate to “the material box”…I’ll bring box for Hobie to next meeting
Steve Brocco has some “mini prints” of hairy tying…..$15 if you are interested.
We are working on Ryan Houston (Ireland) to come out and present for weekend after the 1st of the year
Please get flies to Hunter Bachand….He is right in procuring some flies from our current mebers for the archives.
Please submit photos, if you desire,  to Garren Wood for the website. BTW….Nice job on the website Garren !!! A lot of positive reports  !!!
Future EXPOS:
Albany, Oregon…March 13th and 14th, 2015
Ellensburg, WA…..May 1,2,3  2015
North Lewiston..Late March i assume…no date yet
IFFF…Bend, Oregon August 11th15th
I will announce a time for  a 2016 ASFI feasibility meeting this week for those who are interested.
Good to see you tyers,
Smooth as Silk,