Aaron Culley

Fly fishing infected me seriously in 1990. I used a fly rod fishing for bass as a youth, but was bitten with the “bug” on a cast and blast trip to the Big Horn river in Montana. I started tying flies thinking that was a normal course of the illness, a little dubbing here, some mallard flank there.

Invited to attend a fly fishing club in 1992, where I was promised I could get some gear at an auction for dirt cheap prices, I jumped at the chance. If only I had known then what I know now! As I began tying flies I also became aware of steelhead flies and the classic Atlantic Salmon beauties in several full color publications. I knew that I had to find out how to tie those!

Born and raised in Washington State, I was distracted by the education process, getting married, starting a career and a family. Those distractions at bay, I became focused on feathers, fur and hooks. A friend and member of the Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fly Guild, invited me to attend a meeting where other tiers were tying those wonderful creations. 1993, was the year my life was ruined ‘er changed for ever!

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