Dareld Thompson

For as far back as I can remember in my life I have been interested in flies and fly fishing. I think I was born thinking about it. Perhaps it is my Norwegian and Swedish blood. The opportunity to start seriously fly fishing started in my late twenty,s while living in Skagit county Washington on the Skagit and Stillagaumish rivers. Steelhead were the target and it took many many trips to the river to catch my first one and many more trips to become effective at it. I have been infected ever since. Tying flies has been a passion also Spey flies and classic salmon flies are of the most interest to me. I had been tying for about ten years when I made a friend in Harry Lemire while fishing one afternoon. We talked about many things and I asked him about joining a fly tying club I knew he was involved in. He got me set up and since then I have learned so much from some of the best tyers anywhere. With the restrictions on steelhead fishing over the last few years I feel greatful to have fly tying as a way to express myself and very fortunate to be a member of the NWASFG.

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