Edward Berkeley

As a neurosurgeon I trained to do precise and delicate work under high magnification. This technical aspect combined with the visual artistry of salmon flies, inspired me in designing my own patterns as well as tying the classic  Atlantic salmon flies. 

8 thoughts on “Edward Berkeley

  1. G.Andrew Browne

    Wow .. I know i am saying the obvious ,, but what ART!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to buy these for display..

  2. Herb Brooks

    Are theses flies available to purchase? Would like to build a display case for my son. Thanks

  3. Jack Merwede

    Dear Mr. Berkeley,
    My wife is a professional oil painting artist. I am trying to convince her to paint authentic, original flies for her portfolio. I would like your permission to allow her to replicate your work in art. Any pieces that are sold would generate a commission to you, and would give credit to your work. If interested, please give me a call at 732-278-4005.
    Best regards,
    Jack Merwede

  4. Marcos Rico

    Like you I got bit and started tying the classics, I only been tying for about 2 years and want to get to your level. I am having a hard time getting the material as I live in Alaska. Would you be willing to share your recipes? I would to replicate your work. Any suggestions as to were acquire the best feathers? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

  5. Edward Berkeley

    Dear Marcos,
    Sorry for this belated reply.
    Materials for salmon flies are becoming difficult to get as well as expensive. It is paramount to get the best available, otherwise no matter how good you tying skills are you won’t obtain good results. (That applies to all fly tying)
    John McLain at feathersmc.com is your best bet, but even then some feathers are seasonal or sold out. You can search the eBay (carefully) and lastly attend fly fishing_tying shows where you can pick some decent material.
    As for recipes, you’ll find all the essentials in Michael Radencitch’s book Classic salmon fly patterns. If you can obtain Ken Sawada’s book Classic salmon fly dressings, get it. It’s out of print but sometimes available as a used copy. Outstanding. Another good book is Terry Griffiths’ The essential Kelson. Check Radencitch’s other books as well. Good advice on materials as well technics. Finally watch tying videos on uTube. David McPhail is excellent but you have to allow for his Scottish accent!
    Some patterns on this page are my personal designs. If there are some you want to duplicate email me their name and I’ll supply them to you. You can however duplicate them quite easily by magnifying the existing pictures and copying them. Remember also that it’s ok to substitute some of the materials if the ones depicted are not available. We all do it.
    Best wishes,


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