Edward Berkeley

I started tying trout flies after I attended a fishing show in Portland, Oregon, in the 1980s. Gradually I gravitated to the Steelhead and finally to the Atlantic Salmon flies, the latter becoming my passion.
I am indebted to all the experts who instructed me, advised me, supervised me, and helped me improve my skills as well as inspiring me about this esoteric art. Thanks also to all the authors who produced such marvelous books and videos on this subject.

I am seeking perfection which I never achieve, but the journey is the most rewarding part of the effort.

6 thoughts on “Edward Berkeley

  1. G.Andrew Browne

    Wow .. I know i am saying the obvious ,, but what ART!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to buy these for display..

  2. Herb Brooks

    Are theses flies available to purchase? Would like to build a display case for my son. Thanks

  3. Jack Merwede

    Dear Mr. Berkeley,
    My wife is a professional oil painting artist. I am trying to convince her to paint authentic, original flies for her portfolio. I would like your permission to allow her to replicate your work in art. Any pieces that are sold would generate a commission to you, and would give credit to your work. If interested, please give me a call at 732-278-4005.
    Best regards,
    Jack Merwede

  4. Marcos Rico

    Like you I got bit and started tying the classics, I only been tying for about 2 years and want to get to your level. I am having a hard time getting the material as I live in Alaska. Would you be willing to share your recipes? I would to replicate your work. Any suggestions as to were acquire the best feathers? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


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