Black Dog

May 2018 Meeting

Hello Tyers,

Our next meeting will be at The Issaquah Library Administration Bldg. on Saturday , May 19th,  2018  starting at 9:00am. Breakfast at the Egg and Us at 8:00
Ellensburg fly show…May 4th and 5th
North Idaho Fly Fishing  Expo in Lewiston….May 11th and 12th
ASFI 2018 in Mirimichi, NB…June 22nd, 23rd, and 24th
BTW…Ken Sawada retired and website ordering is down. Also Tweedside Tackle in in Kelso, UK is now defunct. Will miss the Sawada hooks.
The Fly for the next meeting will be the Black Dog (Kelson)
HOOK:  Old limerick
TAG:  Silver twist, Canary silk
TAIL:  Topping, Ibis
BUTT:  Black Ostrich
BODY:  Black Silk
RIBS:  Yellow silk and oval silver tinsel running on each side of it
HACKLE:  Black heron (sub Black dyed white earred pheasant) from third turn of yellow silk.
WINGS:  Two red-orange hackles back to back enveloped by two Jungle cock. Unbarred summer duck, bustard, amherst, scarlet and yellow swan (turkey), and two toppings
Black Dog

Black Dog

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