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February 2015 Meeting

Our next meeting will be the Issaquah Library Administration Bldg at 9:00am on February 7th.
We will be tying the Blacker Ghost Fly and we will vote on the one to be the Showcase fly for the ASFI 2016 (hopefully). Hoebie Iredale will be charge of the voting and will deem the appropriate time to vote at the meeting . If you cannot make it and would like to submit a fly…please contact Hoebie…  and mail it to him before February 7th. Tie a good one !!!!
Steve Brocco will leading the meeting on the 7th and be sure to find somebody to ride share or room with in Albany the weekend of March  13th thru 14th. The Chili feed will be at Todd Yorke’s house Satuday March 14th around 6:30pm . BYOB .
His Address:
590 Ben Vista
Salem OR 97302
United States of America
Smooth as silk,