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March 2015 Meeting

Our next meeting will be at The Issaquah Library Administration Bldg. on Saturday March 7th starting at 9:00am. breakfast at the Issaquah Cafe at 8:00

We will have a SPECIALl surprise guest at this meeting. I know we are getting busy for Albany but I HIGHLY recommend you to attend. Also, there will be many high quality materials for sale at this meeting that will be a compliment to your material armamentarium…so bring your tax refund check.LOL
Also, don’t forget about the Albany show the following weekend and chili feed at Todd Yorke’s house on Saturday in Salem.

The Fly: Delfur Fancy

Pattern Description from Glenn:
If you like the history stuff here it is too. It’s a Farlow pattern, 1920, for the Delfur Beat on the River Spey. Cool I thought!

Silver oval- yellow floss
Topping- Indian Crow
Black herl
1/3 yellow wool, 2/3 Black wool
Grey Heron (longish) from 3rd rib
Lg Flat Silver tinsel, Fine Gold oval wound between turns, Fine Silver oval counter wound to protect hackle stem
Throat- Fiery Brown hackle or Golden Pheasant flank feather
Underwing- Tippets
Yellow, red, white, red Turkey
Sides are double Jungle Cock.
Here is yet another Variant;
Flat silver tinsel
The Tail, butt, body, hackles, are all the same(as above)
UW) Tippets with a long Jungle Cock over them (extended Jungle)
W) yellow, red, Bustard, Amhurst
Jungle Cock sides

Delfur Fancy

Delfur Fancy