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April 2016 Meeting

Hi Tyers,

Our next meeting will be at The Issaquah Library Administration Bldg. on Saturday April 16th  starting at 9:00am. breakfast at the Issaquah Cafe at 8:00.

Other News;
If you have any items for the ASFI 2016 auction PLEASE bring them to next meeting !!! The event is just around the corner. If you want to be a sponsor or know of a potential sponsor for  the event, please contact Megan.
I must add that Megan all by herself procured a substantial grant from the City of Renton !!!  Awesome , and I congratulate you on this endeavor ….Kudos !!
Also, I will have Ghillie assignment of duties for ASFI 2016 at the March 19th meeting for your perusal.
Next IFFF tying meeting: Ellensburg Show  April 29th and 30th,2016 ….. and if you can handle Hot wings be there Thursday evening  !!!
The fly for the next meeting is one by Mikko Stenberg posted on his website  Fly Tying Archive
The Francis Francis’s No 1 for The Suir
Tag: silver tinsel and orange-yellow floss
Tail: sprigs of bastard bustard and ibis
Butt: black ostrich
Body: red plum-coloured floss
Rib: silver twist
Hackle: light orange hackle, argus pheasant hackle at shoulder
Wing: a good bunch of green peacock herl, with strips of brown turkey with dun points mixed, one topping over all
Head: Black
Hook: No. 5
Francis Francis’s No 1 for The Suir

Francis Francis’s No 1 for The Suir