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October 2016 Meeting

Hi Tyers,

Hope you all had an eventful and pleasant summer and are looking towards throwing some thread at “ The Classics”

Our first meeting of the 2016-2017 season will be at The Issaquah Library Administration Bldg. on Saturday , October 15th starting at 9:00am. Breakfast at the Issaquah Cafe at 8:00.

Please bring your $40.00 dues to the meeting and give to Steve Brocco. Checks should be made out to NWASFG.

We will be tying the Hallidale (Halladale) Eagle…

If you are interested in more eagle patterns go to: Dunt

The information below is From Collin Innes Website

Hallidale Eagle

William Murdoch – 27th Feb, 1886, “Salmon and Trout Fishing in the highlands of Scotland (VIII),” Fishing Gazette

Tag: Silver twist with yellow floss.
Tail: A topping, widgeon, and green and red parrot.
Butt: Black ostrich
Body: Three-fifths light yellow and two-fifths red orange fur, all well picked out.
Ribbed: Double oval tinsel (silver).
Hackle: Down of the Golden Eagle dyed a bright yellow – from red orange fur.
Throat: Guinea Fowl.
Wing: Two tippets extending to tag; red and yellow swan and pheasant’s tail; jungle on either side – full length of wing; gold colour mohair on top, and topping over all.
Cheeks: Jungle.
Head: Black wool, or varnished.

The Yellow Eagle is a fly widely and favorably known, as almost wherever it has been tried it has proved to be a “killer.” Cast on a discolored or high running it is very effective on the best rivers in the far north, as also on the Spey, the Don, and the Aberdeenshire Dee. Pattern of the Halladale Eagle (above described) received from Mr. John Alexander Dunbar, gun and fishing tackle manufacturer, Oban, N.B.

See you soon,

Smooth as silk,