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December 2016 Meeting

Great meeting last time with 25 present !!!

Our next meeting will be at The Fall City Firehouse on Saturday , December 17th starting at 9:00am. Breakfast at the Roadhouse restaurant at 8:00am

Please bring your $40.00 dues to the meeting and give to Steve Brocco. Checks should be made out to NWASFG. We will finalize our roster after the next meeting.

We will be tying one of Albert Cohen’s Unnamed flies from the cover of Judith Dunham’s book.


HOOK: 6/0 Sunday 1x-long
TAG: Silver twist and yellow floss
TAIL: GP crest, red goose,and teal
BUTT: Black ostrich
BODY: Yellow, orange, ruby,and blue floss
RIB: Flat Silver tinsel and silver lace
HACKLE: Red Saddle
THROAT: Blue Saddle
WINGS: Underwing of Argus pheasant wing, yellow and red hackle. Outer Wing of blue, yellow, and red goose, bustard, and argus
SIDES: Jungle cock and teal
CHEEKS: Indian Crow
HORMS: Red macaw
HEAD: Black

Other News:

NW Fly Expo…Albany, Oregon meeting March 10th-11th, 2017. Chili fedd at Todd Yorke’s on Saturday the 11th.

Washington Fly Fair….. Ellensburg Washington…May 5th-6th.,2017

IFFF…Livinston, Montana at Park High School….August 1st- 5th, 2017

If you are interested in the Mop Fly please contact contact Aaron Culley or Hunter Bachand….They are the masters !!!

See you soon,(that means you Glenn)

Smooth as Silk,