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February 2021 Meeting

Our February meeting will be on the 13th at 9:00am. Hunter will be the demo tyer and he will be tying the McIntyre. See below. Hopefully everyone participating in the meeting can tie along and if Hunter has any special tricks he can take a little extra time to explain so nothing is missed by anyone. I will get the Teams link out as we get closer to the date.


January 2021 Meeting

The pattern for our January meeting will be the Thunder and Lightning. A wonderful Irish fly. It looks easy but it’s not. Nothing but bronze mallard over the wing.

Thunder & Lightning
Hook: Gaelic Supreme, Harrison Bartleet, blind eye 4/0
Tip:  X-fine oval silver tinsel
Tag:  Golden yellow floss
Tail: Golden pheasant crest with Indian crow sub as veiling
Butt: Black ostrich herl
Rib: Medium oval silver tinsel
Body: Black floss
Hackle: Fiery brown from second wrap of the rib
Throat: Jay (blue dyed guinea fowl substituted)
Wings: Married strips of yellow scarlet and blue dyed turkey tail: speckled bustard and golden pheasant tail with bronze mallard as roofing
Horns: Blue and gold macaw
Head: Black ostrich herl and black thread

Thunder and Lightning

Thunder and Lightning

December 2020 Meeting – Virtual

Normally our December meeting is filled with good eats, Linda’s Cookies and pastries and many other good treats from members. This December won’t be the same as far as that goes. On the flip side we are rewarded with members new and old that can participate virtually. I look forward to this December’s meeting and hope to see all of you. Linda’s fly that she will demonstrate is below. This will be a great learning opportunity that you won’t want to miss. December 12th is the date. 9:00 am Pacific time. I will get the teams link out later this month. Don’t forget to pay your dues if you haven’t already paid.

I picked a fly to tie for the December meeting- the Gladswood. It is in the big Classic Salmon Fly Compendium by Carne/Grewcock. A forgotten Malloch pattern, known only from catalogues and salesmen’s frames.

I will do the variation like in the photo, using yellow for the tag, gold body tinsel instead of silver and red throat hackle. It is fairly simple, but bold and Christmas looking 🙂

The recipe and photo are below.

– Linda

September 2020 Meeting – Virtual

The September 2020 Meeting will be virtual on September 26, 2020 from 9:00am – 2:00pm.  It will be hosted via Microsoft Teams:

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
+1 949-522-5848   United States, Irvine (Toll)
Conference ID: 510 667 128#

This is a great opportunity to make a meeting even if you live far away.  

The fly will be the Irish Duke as described in the Hardy’s Salmon Flies book. The fly photoed looks like it has a Grizzly hackle tip in the wing as a side instead of guinea for those who might want to change it up.

April 2020 Meeting – Cancelled

I apologize for waiting so long to do this. I did not want to give in. I wish the best for everyone and hope you are all surviving extremely strange times. Unfortunately our April meeting is cancelled for obvious reasons. I will push this meeting to May if things are normal enough by then. We’ll see…. Chins up! The auction will be pushed to next year no matter what. 

March 2020 Meeting

Our next meeting will be at the King County Library in Issaquah on March 7th at 9:00 am Breakfast is at the Egg and Us, also in Issaquah at 8.00 am. The fly will be the Baker As described in the Hardy’s Salmon Flies book. Also thanks for the turnout last Saturday it was great to see so many tying. It was a lot of fun and I hope everyone learned some things. See you in a couple of weeks.


December 2019 Meeting

I hope everyone had a great time Saturday. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it I had to make a unexpected trip to Spokane for work. Our next meeting will be in Issaquah at the King County Library on Saturday the 14th of December At 9:00 am. I double checked the calendar to make sure I have it correct this time. Breakfast at the Egg and Us at 8:00 am The fly will be the Savannah Hunter (Paul Schmookler) It’s a little different than what I really like but after seeing it In the Presidential fly plate and tied by Harry Lemire. I like the way he made it look. It looks like he used about a 4/0 hook.

Savannah Hunter



November Meeting

Our next meeting will be in Issaquah at the King County Library on the 23rd of November 9:00 am. Breakfast at the Egg and Us at 8:00 am The fly we will tie will be the Kate. (Kelson version) Pictures attached please let me know if you can’t see them. For those who have not paid dues please do so by the November meeting I am going to make a updated roster and those who have not paid will not be on it and that includes email.

October 2019 Meeting

Hello everyone. I hope you have all had a great summer. With fall approaching it is time to start planning our meetings again. I am looking forward to them. I would like to tell all of you that I am excited to be president and I will do my best to keep our club great. I would like to say thank you to Rocky for the great job he did and I don’t think we would be the club we are without his efforts as president over the last many years. At least thirteen because I have been a member that long and he was president when I joined. I would also like to say thank you to Hunter and Linda for their generosity and commitment to host Paul Little while he is here. Anyway Paul will be here the last weekend in October to tie. He is a great tier and encourage everyone to come and watch and learn. The location will be at the Fall City fire hall on Saturday and the Issaquah library on Sunday. Meet for breakfast at 8:00am both days at the  Roadhouse Restaurant in Fall city on Saturday and the Egg and Us in Issaquah on Sunday I will also make dinner reservations at the Steelhead Diner in Seattle for Saturday and the Monsoon Grill in Bellevue for Sunday. Please email me if you are interested in either or both evenings so I can make reservations by the 7th of October. I know Downtown Seattle can be difficult But there is free parking available very close to the Steelhead Diner and very easy that I will explain for those that are interested in going.