Aaron Culley

Fly fishing infected me seriously in 1990. I used a fly rod fishing for bass as a youth, but was bitten with the “bug” on a cast and blast trip to the Big Horn river in Montana. I started tying flies thinking that was a normal course of the illness, a little dubbing here, some mallard flank there.

Invited to attend a fly fishing club in 1992, where I was promised I could get some gear at an auction for dirt cheap prices, I jumped at the chance. If only I had known then what I know now! As I began tying flies I also became aware of steelhead flies and the classic Atlantic Salmon beauties in several full color publications. I knew that I had to find out how to tie those!

Born and raised in Washington State, I was distracted by the education process, getting married, starting a career and a family. Those distractions at bay, I became focused on feathers, fur and hooks. A friend and member of the Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fly Guild, invited me to attend a meeting where other tiers were tying those wonderful creations. 1993, was the year my life was ruined ‘er changed for ever!

5 thoughts on “Aaron Culley

  1. Susan Reed Melchior

    Trying to get in touch with you… Please email me a email address I can send you information about our 50th Reunion coming up.
    or you can go register at: SKHS Class of 1969 on facebook.
    I have had several people asking about you.

  2. María Peña

    I’m overwhelmed!!! Arron, this is your first grade friend, Maria Pena!!! Chris gave me this site that blew me away!!!! FANTASTIC FLIES!!! Incredible!!!
    Our 50 year SKHS CLASS OF 1969 reunion is August 10th in Silverdale!!! We would love to get your mailing address, phone number, email, and any other information you are comfortable sharing…We want to “hookup” with you and send you all the information.
    Can’t wait to hear from you!!! BLESSINGS…
    Sincerely, your lifelong friend, María!!!

  3. Todd Yorke

    Aaron, I don’t have a current phone # for you! Please bring me up to date. You can call me at 503 881-4391.

  4. Kenneth A Sarb

    Hello old friend,
    2023 has arrived and it makes us reflect on old memories. I didn’t make it to our 50th reunion physically, but nonetheless I was there in sprit. I remember those cold dark mornings we would venture out to Long Lake to try our skills at duck hunting. Some people would think we were crazy, but little did they know it was a bond of friendship that made us challenge mother nature to reach our goal. That thermos of hot chocolate helped fight off the cold also. Happy to see that you still have a connection to the outdoors. Your craftsmanship on these flies is beyond words. I wish you and Linda the best in the new year.


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