Dave Millard

I was introduced to fishing before I turned 10 by my father who grew up in eastern Washington near Nine Mile of the Spokane River. We were living in Spokane at the time and did most of our fishing at Deer and Loon lakes. We spent several summer vacations in a cabin at Deer Lake where father met a fisherman who used a fly rod for still fishing. This man presented his bait in a different manner than the other entire fisherman and seemed to catch more fish. So dear old Dad had to have the latest thing. So I ended up being presented with a Sears and Roebuck Bamboo rod (still have it), my brother got one also. I had no formal instruction or books on how to use it.

Later, much later, in my late thirties I moved to Van Nuys, California two blocks from a fishing store that had fly fishing gear. So, I checked it out and joined the local fly club where I received the needed info on how and where to fish, learn about bugs, and tie flies. My work career was repairing electronic equipment so I was skilled at working with small items. After a short time I asked this local fly shop if they had need of tyers for local patterns and I asked just at the right time as they had lost their local tyers. I ended up tying trout flies for them for about ten years.

I retired in 1995 and when my wife retired in 2000 we decided to move to Olympia where it’s green and not so crowded.

Since I like to fish streams and rivers I started tying Steelhead and Salmon files and looking longingly at the Atlantic salmon patterns. Bought several books on tying Atlantics but had trouble understanding that most operations are critical for good looking flies. Thank goodness for NWASFG I was able to watch tyers who would answer questions at the different fly fishing shows. Then I found the NWASFG website and heeded their message of come and learn. Am I glad I did because now that’s all I tie is ATLANTIC SALMON FIES (I AM HOOKED).

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