Gary Bevers

I began fly tying around 1978 with lessons from Randall Kaufman. I tied for my brother two years before learning to fly fish myself. In 1989 I began tying Atlantic Salmon flies in a group that included Jon Strand, the Norwegian Atlantic Salmon tying champion, Joe Heddrick a North Carolina guide and Don Jaegar a master rod builder. We tied together for about a year, until Jon Strand returned to Norway.
Along the way I picked up tying lessons from Dave Whitlock, Donna Teeny, Alec Jackson, and many more excellent tiers.
In 1993 I finished in the top 10 in the Mustad Fly Tying competition in the “open” category.
In 1995 I quit tying for the next 12 years due to working 12 hours per day.
In 2007 I took up tying and fly fishing again and in 2010 I joined The Atlantic Salmon Tying Guild to help improve my tying. Since I joined the Guild I have taken lessons from Michael Redencich and tips from many other tiers that have improved my skills immensely. The club is full of tiers who will readily share their tips and insight. If you want someone to hold your feet to the fire and challenge you to be your best, this is the club.

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