Jack Cook

I started tying Steelhead Flies in 1985. My first lesson was with Randy Stetzer and I would later find out how lucky I was. From there I was tutored by Bob Aid and Wally at Kaufmann’s and my work remained sparse and buggy looking in the water. Along the way I was exposed to the works of Harry Lemire and there things took a turn. The Golden Edge flies nudged me into the Spey Stylings of Glasso, Stidham, Johnson and McNeese and the rest is history. By then I was tying Speys and selling them and as sources for good materials dried up I ferreted out my own. As folks saw my flies they wanted the same materials and before you know it my materials became commercially available under my own Steelhead Anglers brand. A few years ago we went full time with the shop and now Tolt River Anglers is the place to get Spey Hackle, Cellire, Silk-Berlin Wool, and all the feathers, dubbing and floss you need for any pattern. I am certain that tying flies is an essential part of the anadromous fish experince. I am equally certain that a well tied Green Butt Skunk is as much a thing of beauty as a perfect Full Dress Jock Scott. Best of all they are both great fishing flies.

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