John Olschewsky

I became interested in fancy flies in the about 1987 after tying all the NW steelhead flies. I was looking for a new challenge and at the time my children were very young so my fishing time was very limited.It was a way to keep connected to the sport I loved and be available to my family.I was at Jimmy’s shop and he told me about a group of guys in Bellevue who were starting a salmon fly group.I attended the second meeting and became obsessed with the art.At that time we started writing the “constitution” that involved many evenings at Alec’s home.I have held every position in the club pres,sect,treas,board etc… As you can imagine I feel a sense of ownership in the club!!! The club has seen many changes over the years as members have come and gone but remains true to the original mission.It is a very unique group as it has always been about sharing and learning.Since moving to Sun River OR I have not been involved but you can be sure that I look forward to the expo in Albany and seeing all you guys,one of the highlights of the year for me.

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  1. Ramon Marion

    Hi John,
    Do you give classes on tying salmon flys. If so where would it be. You do great work thank you


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