Judy Gattinella

Judy Gattinella picked up her first fly rod in the late 1990’s and a year later learned to tie flies. Originally, tying was a better way to learn the names of the flies and a bit more about entomology, but the real interest soon became learning new materials and tying techniques, and perfecting the execution of them. During visits to the FFF conclaves in WA and OR, she watched the classics being tied and expressed an interest in learning more about the history and creation of the beautiful flies. Friends encouraged her to attend the NWASFG meetings, and she joined in 2012.

Judy has been a fly tying demonstrator at the FFF conclaves in Ellensburg WA, Albany OR; and Spokane WA (the national conclave), as well as for fly shops and local fly fishing club venues. She values learning from others and passing on the knowledge, tips, history and love of the craft of tying and the sport of fishing.

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