Marvin Nolte

3 thoughts on “Marvin Nolte

  1. Greg Watson

    Beautiful flies! Would I be able to purchase a salmon fly or two by Marvin for framing? I tye myself but am thinking that I would like to collect and frme different fly dressers work for framing?
    If so how would I contact different fly tyers in your association?
    Thank you
    Greg Watson
    Calgary, Alberta. Canada

  2. Scott Harada

    Marvin is a legend and would like to purchase some of his work for my home and office.

    Please forward my email address to him so he can contact me at his convenience. Thank you

  3. Hugh Martin

    I am very interested in purchasing some of Mr Nolte’s work. Please advise how I might reach him or a website that I could go to. Thank you.


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