Ray Miles

My journey into Fly Fishing began in the mid 70’s. I was fortunate to be living in Bend, OR. Weekends would find me on Crane Prairie or Fall River throwing flies. I also started tying flies commercially to support my fishing habit. In 1985, I moved to Seattle, and having been spoiled with great fishing within a 20 minute drive of my home in Bend, became disappointed with the lack of great close fishing, retired my fishing pursuits. In 2006, my son-in-law asked me if I could teach him Fly Fishing. So, I re-equipped myself with new fishing and tying items. Suddenly, I was introduced to a whole new assortment of new tying materials(mostly synthetic), as well as fishing techniques that had emerged in the last 20 years. When I retired my gear, latex and Swannadaze were the cutting edge fly tying materials! Then, in 2010, I took a class in Atlantic Salmon Fly Tying from John Olschewsky.

Game Over, I’m hooked!

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