Rich Youngers

Rich Youngers has been a licensed fly fishing guide for the last 22 years and has 33 years of overall experience on Northwest waters. Rich is recognized as one of Oregon’s best fly fishing steelhead guides and was one of the first to bring salmon fishing with a fly to Oregon’s central coast area. Rich’s accumulated knowledge and skill will help assure you a memorable angling experience. Rich offers guided flyfishing trips on the Mckenzie River east of Springfield, North Santiam River east of Salem, The Nestucca, and the Salmon Rivers on the North Central Coast. Rich is a very accomplished spey caster and he is good at teaching his craft. Rich is well known for his fly tying skills and was recognized as the Oregon Council of the FFF Fly tyer of the year in 2006 and a FFF Fly Tying World Champion and his work has been seen in several books and magazines. Rich is a master tyer and teaches many of the fly tying classes at Creekside including our “Salmon Fly Saturday” classes for Classic Salmon flies. When Rich isn’t guiding you can find him behind the counter with his Kathy at their fly shop; Creekside Flyfishing in Salem Oregon where he enjoys chatting with the customers and telling tall tales.

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  1. Dave Osgood


    What is shakin with you. Are you still guiding. Did the shop become a liability? I would love to have you teach my son-in-law and I how to catch sea-runs (you got Tom Campbell-Scmidt and I how to do that on the Nestucca a few years ago when the Chinookies were a little reluctant to bite) and you taught (Chris s-i-l) how to do trout on the Makenzie to the extent that we have gone back to repeat that trip a couple of times in my boat. He has a house at Manzanita and we would like to do it on the Nehalem burt can stretch to the Nestucca if you feel more comfortable there. In that Fall season we might have to do it without a boat and that argues for the Nehalem as there is more public access (at least as far as I know.). Talk to me.

    Dave O

    1. Rich Youngers

      Hey Dave,
      Just looked at your message. Retired from guiding and the fly shop business. Need to get out and fish more though. Been think of coming out of retirement and start guiding again for awhile longer. Though have a pretty good job right now that pays well but is very stressfull


  2. Bill Girsch

    Hello Rich, You may not remember me, but you may remember the large yak hair “fly” which you designed and tied for me several years ago.
    I have some images from those days to share with you. I think you will enjoy seeing your creation in use.
    Please share your email address with me and I will send the images to you.
    I still miss Creekside Fly Fishing shop and I hope that you are well. Stay healthy.
    Best regards,
    Dr. Bill Girsch


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