William Lovelace

I am a member of the International Brotherhood of the Flymph and a Federation of Fly Fishers
Life Member. I started fly fishing when I was 8 years old and began tying over 50 years ago in
Eastern Oregon. I fish mainly for trout but dabble in all waters for a variety of fish. I have tied
at: the NW Fly Tyers Expo in Oregon, the Metolius Bamboo Rod Fair, the Western Idaho Fly
Fishers Fair in Boise, Idaho and the FFF International Fly Fishing Fair. Since 1995 I have been an
active volunteer in fish and watershed conservation issues in Oregon and Idaho. . I joined the
Guild 2 years ago in anticipation of moving to Portland, Oregon and being close enough to
attend some Guild meetings and learning to improve my tying skills. The housing market has so
far put that move on hold.

In the mid 80’s I was fortunate enough to start visiting Dave McNeese’s fly shop in Salem,
Oregon while visiting my in-laws. This led to my renaissance in the art of steelhead flies and a
growing supply of excellent tying materials. My early steelhead tying inspiration came out of my
limited time there with Dave, John Shewey and other talented Flyfishers. That same Salem
influence continues today with Rich Youngers.

My experience in tying Salmon flies is extremely limited but my interest was started by
attending numerous fly tying Expos here in the Pacific Northwest. I have attending the NW Fly
Tyers Expo in Oregon since 1997. The first time I watched David Barlow tie an Orange Heron (&
he gave me a Carron) I was really hooked on expanding my knowledge of Traditional Salmon
and contemporary Steelhead flies. I owe most of my tyer’s inspiration to watching and talking
with amazing people like McNeese , Shewey, Youngers, Barlow, Alec Jackson, Dr. David Burns,
Harry Lemire, Steve Brocco, Rockwell Hammond Jr., Monte Smith, all the Guild Members I have
been fortunate to see in person, and others too numerous to mention in Oregon, Idaho and
Washington shows.

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