Welcome to the newly designed Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fly Guild website. You can find information about future meetings, view flies from members, get email alerts of news and changes, and stay connected with other Guild members.  If you have any questions or suggestions on the website please send Garren Wood an email.

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  1. Clark Lucas


    I am so happy to have found your site following a internet search for Harry Lemire that took me to ASFI-Expo site where I found a link to this site. Now I want to thoroughly look through your site to learn more. I have been following Harry Lemire ever since seeing discussed in Trey Comb’s book, with also numerous discussions with a David Burns and John Shewey. Here is a little Bio about me with some of my flies I tie to fish for Steelhead and Salmon here in Idaho:http://www.angelfire.com/wa/salmonid/contributor1.html

    Hopefully I will find some interesting discussions about fly line, reading the “water”, fly rods, and of course Salmon Flies, Speys and Dee Wings. I am always looking for Classic Salmon Fly patterns that lead me to my Regal.

    Best Always,



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