November 2021 Meeting

Tyers –

Our meeting for November will be the 20th at 9:00 am    

We will be all tying together, rather than having someone present.  We will be tying The Queen of Spring: Please get your dues paid to Steve or Megan ($40.00) if you haven’t already. 

Steve Brocco
36515 SE 56th Street
Fall City, Wa. 

You can also use PayPal if you prefer using Megan Brocco’s account, see below.

Tag:  Silver twist and canary silk
Tail:  A topping and summer duck
Butt:  Black ostrich herl
Ribs:  Gold lace and silver tinsel
Body:  Silver tinsel and black silk in equal sections. 
Throat: Jay
Main Wing: Tippet, Amherst pheasant and golden pheasant tail, grey mallard, swan dyed canary, red and light blue, mallard above and two toppings over all.
Sides:  Jungle Cock
Cheeks:  Blue chatterer
Horns: Blue macaw

Radencich’s Classic Salmon Fly Patterns has an excellent example of the Queen of Spring tied by Byron.  I could not take a picture from the book that would do Byron’s work justice. 

Here is another example from the web

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